Humanity in the half light


I did something today that I haven’t done for a very long time. Walked into a church and prayed. Leicester Cathedral to be precise. I’d just finished a meeting in the City and felt the need for a moment of peace and reflection. It felt like I was being led by instinct. 
There is something about the quiet, solitude of a church that manages to strip everything else away. The greeting at the door added to the feeling of being in a place of warmth and welcome. I declined a tour map and wandered around, taking the time to read the inscriptions on the walls telling the tales of dignitaries who had given service to the people of Leicester. It is hard not to appreciate the interconnected nature of life and to consider our own impact on others. 
In the chapel set aside for quiet prayer and reflection, a member of the church was listening to a man’s outpourings of personal injustice and confusion. What struck me was the care by which she listened and the sincerity when she asked how she could help the man. 
Good deeds rarely make headlines but here was an example of humanity at work. Hidden away from the cameras in the half light of a building that has been a focus of worship for over a thousand years. And it gave me comfort.