A shiny new skin


Ok, it is the blog that has undergone a bit of a reinvention rather than me. It was looking rather tired, unloved and badly in need of a clean and polish since its last outing on Jan 24th 2013. Why it has been left to gather dust for so long is the question. I don’t think it was because I ran out of things to say but more because I’d somehow lost the reason why I was saying them.

I’d also like to think that moving house, getting married and becoming a father since that last post has kept me a little busy!

So, I am back! Or rather My Minute Mentor is back brimming full of energy and with plenty of things to write about on the areas of career planning, transitions, transferable skills, personality types, profiling, interview preparation, observations from my work within professional sport as well as insights from people far more experienced and knowledgable than me.

I hope you enjoy the posts. My reason for returning is quite simple. I want to help. And if this can be achieved through a useful posting or two, inevitably interspersed with the odd howler, then MMM’s return will be worth it.

Please comment if you wish and any suggestions on topics you’d like to read about will be very welcome.

Thank you.

I’ve missed you.





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