Haul up the Anchor


Yesterday, I caught the end of an interview with a female playwright who had built a successful career from extremely humble beginnings. She said that as a child she always had this feeling of wanting to be ‘released’ into the world, that there was something she wanted to express but the conditions she was experiencing wouldn’t allow her to. She eventually found this through writing and her commitment to her craft resulted in success. What most upset her was seeing others with the same desire but not being able to find a way of expressing it.

Sometimes it is confusion that holds us back. Sometimes it is fear or a fusion of the two. What is true is that we rarely figure it out by spending hours thinking about it, clarity comes out of doing. For much of my life I have battled with the concept that something has to be ‘perfect’ before it can be shown. The irony is that the feedback from the people around us helps us to make something better. We need to know what the faults are before we can work on improvements.

When are you going to show your talents to the world?


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