Whose rules do you follow?


Whilst watching the film “Water for Elephants”, which I can thoroughly recommend, a line in the dialogue between August, the hard-nosed Circus owner, and Jacob, the young vet, stuck in my mind. It was one of those enjoyable exchanges of words and wit, during which August realises that young Jacob has more about him than the majority of his employees. August said something like this:

“The rules of the world that these suckers follow don’t apply to people like you and me.”

Although this sounds rather arrogant, it has a truth behind it. Our lives are governed by many rules, some of which are external whilst others are self-inflicted. As our self-awareness expands, we start to see which rules make sense in our lives and which ones do not. Some rules are essential for maintaining harmonious human relationships but others restrict our growth. When we begin to understand that the only rules that truly hold us back are internal, it changes our future forever.

Whose rules are you following?


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