How liking marmite might be the secret to your success…


Let me ask you a question and I want an honest answer. Ready? “Do you like marmite?” Actually, I am jumping ahead of myself, let me ask a different question. What do you truly think you are capable of?”

What was your answer?

If your answer wasn’t “anything I put my mind to” why not? And if it was, do you really believe it and I mean deep, deep down in your soul? Come on, be honest…

I promise you, the day that you really get the simplicity of this and stop fighting with yourself is when life takes on a brand spanking new perspective. Yep…I can hear some of your responses to this comment, “life coaching fluff”, “spiritual claptrap without any evidence” you might be muttering under your breath. I can take it on the chin…only because I have said the very same words.

Ok, I admit they are valid comments so let me explain my viewpoint. This list is not exhaustive:

  • No neuroscientist has yet found a ‘limit’ to what the brain can achieve.
  • There is irrefutable evidence of brain plasticity – as in the brain being able to ‘re-wire’ itself to adapt to new environments and situations.
  • Nearly every successful person has shared one common trait. It’s not talent but incredibly high levels of self-belief.
  • High performance in elite sport is all about increasing athletes’ belief in their own potential.
  • It is the only belief that actually encourages and even forces you to perform at a higher level that you ever thought possible.
  • Ok, here is the biggie (and the one most likely to be the ‘marmite’ statement). Whatever your religious or scientific beliefs, the majority of you will hopefully agree that if the Universe was created from one source, everything within it is therefore born out of that same source and this includes you and me. If we believe in the infinite power of the Universe to create then there is a strong logic to believing that we also have access to that same power. It isn’t the Universe and ‘us’, we are actually one and the same.

Does thinking and acting in this manner mean that you will never experience failure? No! Does this mean that you will always achieve your dreams according to plan and in the timescales that you set? No! Is it a belief that gives you the confidence to dream and to take action on those dreams? Yes, Yes and Yes!

So, have I mastered this way of thinking? Of course not! I battle with it nearly every day and I have periods when I return to my old way of thinking where some people are destined for success and others not but I can’t stay there for long. I keep returning to what drives me as a human being, and that is this desire to dream, to create and to live life to the fullest, and the reasons listed above are the only ones that allow me to do this without self-imposed limitations.

So, back to marmite. If you don’t like it, maybe the above may encourage you to give it another try…


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