“To be or not to be an entrepreneur?”


Yesterday, I had an extremely enjoyable and worthwhile conversation with the ‘ever energetic’ Lucy Whittington from “Being a Business Celebrity”(www.beingabusinesscelebrity.com) – a Marketing Consultancy that helps businesses stand out from the crowd. We were talking about “nailing your thing” (I assure you that this relates to business), this is Lucy’s (healthy) obsession and area of expertise, and she said how you don’t have to be your own boss to shine. You can still be great at what you do whilst working with/for someone else. When she said this, I thought “she is spot on!”

The thing is, I have attended many personal development and wealth creation events where the idea of a ‘job’ is described as being like a betrayal of your own potential. It may be the case that the majority of the world’s wealthiest individuals own their own companies but this is not to say that this is everyone’s path. ‘Personal development’ should be focused on discovering what is right for you, and if that means being a foot soldier instead of a General then you go out there and be the best foot soldier you can possibly be!

I have seen too many people feel confused, downhearted and inferior by philosophies that cause them to belittle their own instincts.

Aspiration makes the soul sing but so does being true to yourself.


2 thoughts on ““To be or not to be an entrepreneur?”

  1. I love this blog post Charlie! I wish more people thought this way. Not everyone was born to be an entrepreneur, and there are very very many people whose contribution to the world is huge even though they may be employees. Being true to yourself if at the top of my “must-be” list, every time 🙂


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