What’s your default position?


When we put on weight, it tends to happen over a period of time. We don’t suddenly wake up in the morning sporting an increased ‘muffin top’, it tends to sneak up on us until we are forced, sometimes by the comments of our ‘friends’, to see the reality in the mirror.

This can be true for other areas of our lives. For example, when we are experiencing pressure. It too, tends to build up over time until we reach a point when the ‘valve’ has to be released or blow. Each of us will have a default position we return to when experiencing this pressure. For some, it could be to become more animated, whilst for others it could be to want to withdraw from the world.

In the case of coping with pressure, knowing what our default position is can help us to recognise its slow build up. We can start to question our thoughts, feelings and actions, and say,

“hold on, this is my default position when experiencing pressure. I need to take a moment, recognise the signs, and take the right steps to prevent this pressure building further.”

Life is full of patterns and the more aware we are of the ones shaping our own lives, the better position we are in to influence them.


One thought on “What’s your default position?

  1. For me, the default position has traditionally been one of anger. Of course, once I have expressed my anger, guilt usually follows. As I have now learned to recognise the build up of my anger, I am inspired to take action i.e. express my needs and feelings. This enables me to deal with the issue thus avoiding the anger and subsequent feelings.


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