“Cosmic!” exclaimed Rodney…


Over the past few years, holding the belief that our lives on earth are very much governed by the Laws of the Universe is becoming more acceptable. You may still be faced with a raised eyebrow or two but programmes such as “Wonders of the Universe”, presented by the bundle of energy that is Professor Brian Cox, have helped to underpin many of the concepts discussed in the book and movie “The Secret” with hard science.

Napoleon Hill was quick to point out this relationship in his best-selling book on the principles of success, “Think and Grow Rich”, which was written in 1937 and continues to be a perennial best-seller after 70 years. Within the book, Hill devotes a whole chapter to what he refers to as “Cosmic Habit Force”. This is the manner in which we encode our minds and bodies with new beliefs and actions in order to change the direction of our lives; in the same way that a planet’s orbit is shaped by the relationship it has with other celestial bodies.

If we stick with the same metaphor, I am a master of mixing them, if a planet’s orbit is shifted by a significant event then similar is required to change the course of our life (I assure you that I am not suggesting that we each need to be hit by a meteor). What is important, is to understand what orbit we are currently in (usually through recognising what experiences we seem to keep on experiencing in our life) and then to decide our desired direction.

Now comes the hard bit, the one that is so often glossed over in many self-development books, and that it is to commit daily to the new habits of thought and action that will enable this new orbit to be fixed.

“Cosmic!” Rodders would have exclaimed. And perhaps it is a phrase that may yet come back into fashion…


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