Out of a crisis comes advancement


This morning I have been tidying my office – a task that is always carried out whilst thinking to myself “How on earth did I let it get like this again?!” Order is one habit I am continuing to work on…

As I was sifting through various papers on the floor, I found a sheet with something scribbled in my handwriting. This is what was written.

“Advancement of all kinds is preceded by a crisis. The greater the crisis, the greater the advancement.”

(I must add that sadly this quote was not from me but from another source.)

I sat on the floor and read it again. There is so much truth in these words. Since sport is my background, I thought of the situations when teams have suffered a heavy defeat only to play out of their skins in the following game.

I then began to think about the people suffering in Japan and whether they are even in a position to think about advancement yet or whether it is simply survival that is on their minds.

And yet, advancement will be born out of this suffering because it is inevitable. It is a Law. Situations such as those caused by the earthquake and resulting tsunami force us to evaluate ‘who we are’, the ‘world that we are living in’ and bring out the very best qualities that humankind possesses – love, a need to help and the desire to make positive change.

When we are in the middle of a ‘crisis’ it can be tough to think like this. BUT…if we can just ‘step out of ourselves’ for a second, we will know that this is when we truly tap into who we are and this will shape our future forever.


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