Returning to your Centre


Last week, I spent a whole afternoon discussing my business with my mentor. As a business owner, it is such a valuable exercise being able to vocalise your thoughts, strategies and feelings to someone who can analyse your situation objectively. As an entrepreneur, finding the time – or ‘making’ the time – to undertake this kind of exercise can be tough. The default response is that this time could be better spent generating business or devising new and exciting solutions. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The majority of successful people I have spent time with, both in the fields of professional sport and business, share many qualities but arguably the most valuable is this. They have clarity. Clarity drives their decisions and clarity drives the resulting actions. If we are permanently ‘in the clouds’ or ‘in our business’, finding this clarity can be as futile as looking for gold at the end of a rainbow.

After this particular afternoon, I realised how many commitments I had undertaken and was continuing to undertake. On the face of it, the majority of these seemed sensible and directly linked to the future growth of my business. However, on closer inspection this was not the case. Many were actually inhibiting growth for one simple reason. In combination, they were draining my energies and diluting my focus. This led me to make some difficult decisions as to what responsibilities I was prepared to continue with and which ones I wasn’t. If you are someone who likes to say ‘yes’ to people, this can be uncomfortable!

And the result? An instant release of pressure and a greater sense of clarity concerning my goals for this year and beyond.

When we take the time to return to our centre, we can reconnect with the energy to accomplish so much more.


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