The unavoidable force of change


It can be very tempting sometimes to want to resist change. With change comes uncertainty, and, on occasions, a degree of discomfort. We may question why we need to change. Perhaps we feel that life is good enough as it is, so why should we change?

This is a fair point, especially if we feel that we have found a rhythm to our lives.

What is often over-looked is the fact that we are constantly being subjected to change. People and situations are changing all around us. The transformation of ideas into form is what makes our reality. In some ways, change happens to us whether we feel it is necessary or not.

I certainly used to be someone who was fairly resistant to change and actually feared it. It surprised me that when I changed my view to one where I was actually looking for change,

Force of change

new opportunities presented themselves to me that I am sure would have previously been obscured from view.

If we resist too much, we can become like an island lost out to sea.



One thought on “The unavoidable force of change

  1. NIcely put Charlie – the lost island that fails to embrace the mainland and indeed the relevance and influence of the sea.

    This draws an interesting parallel with what is happening in Egypt at the present time – and how it is impacting upon the various sections of their society.

    Lessons there for us all on a macro as well as a micro level.

    Best wishes, Peter


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