Are you tuned in?


Do you remember the days when you had to tune in your car radio? You would be on a long journey, perhaps on holiday as a kid, and every 20miles or so

Are you tuned in?

you would get the crackling interference as the reception was lost – usually in the middle of a great song (Cliff Richard’s “Summer Holiday”) or during the football scores (Liverpool 1..crackle..Manchester United..crackle…crackle……). As irritating as it seemed, you knew that all it needed was a swivel of the dial and “no more workin’ for a week or two…” would be back on the airwaves.

In many ways, our lives are very similar. When we are ‘tuned in’ everything seems exciting, enjoyable and almost effortless. Then something happens and we ‘lose the station’ as everything becomes hard work and confusing. Like the radio, we have a dial and we also have the means to swivel it. The dial is our thoughts and emotions. We have the power to decide how we react to situations and we have the power to adjust our course through our thoughts and actions to get back on the right station.

If we give it a go we might discover that Sir Cliff was right…

“fun and laughter on a summer holiday, no more worries for me or you”.


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