It is not for us to limit our ideas


The seed of an idea

The greatest accomplishments in life have always started with a thought. In the majority of cases this thought is not yet a fully fledged idea but the seed of something, that with the right support, will develop into something more tangible. In the same way that a seed needs warmth and water to help it grow, our idea needs encouragement and love for it to develop.

We then reach the important point when our idea outgrows the confines of our own mind and it needs a larger space for it to truly flourish. This is when we need the confidence and trust to share the idea with others. By planting this idea in the minds of others we allow it to develop new dimensions, enabling it to become far greater than it could have been if kept to ourselves.

In some ways, it is not for us to limit the growth of an idea but our responsibility to help it define its own scale.


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