The next generation


There is a lot of doom and gloom in the air at the moment and it can be hard sometimes to rise above it. Tuesday night’s experience sent me hurtling up into the stratosphere!

I had been invited by the Surrey University Entrepreneur’s Society to speak with their students on the skills shared by successful people in sport and in business. Using video interviews with individuals who have achieved at the highest level, my intention was to demonstrate that success can be broken down into very simple parts – passion, vision, planning, action and persistence. Simple stuff but clearly it is in the application that successful people really show their worth.

The evening really started to get interesting when the students started to challenge these principles and to ask different questions:

How do we define success? Who decides whether we are successful? When do we become successful? When we reach a goal or when we start the journey?

It is electric when a group of people start to ‘kick start’ their brains and as a presenter it was not only exciting but also a learning experience.

If this is the generation that is going to be shaping and creating our new economy, we need to support and encourage them as much as possible. There are definitely positive times ahead.


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