Online Career Mentoring and Performance Analysis

I have neglected my blog for the past weeks – something that I am hoping you have noticed! Rather like visits to the gym, it is a fine example of how habits can be broken. The reasons for my absence are related to a number of exciting developments since my last post.
The first is that my online career coaching service is now live and can be found at – as well as the 2 flagship programmes “Mission Maker” (a 7 step online programme to help define your purpose and passions) and “Transition Sport” (a bespoke careers programme for pro and semi-pro sportspeople) you can also download a free report on how to recondition your mind for success as well as a free “Interview Attractor” programme for those of you looking to land your perfect job.
The second development is a new contract working with a Sports Performance Analysis consultancy called “Out of Play”. Performance analysis provides coaches and players with video content combined with match/training analysis during and post game. When used well, it can be a valuable learning tool for both coaches and players and can have a direct impact on performance.
I am currently in Sydney at a Performance Analysis conference and will share some of the relevant insights on this blog.

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