Striding out to centre stage


Seth Godin inspired me with his Blog post today. He talks about how ‘rehearsing is for cowards’. A contentious point perhaps? It is natural to think that it is always best to practice in order to reduce the margin for error. But that is exactly the point he is making. Practice is important and should never be over-looked but we spend too much of our time trying to minimise risk when we should be focusing our efforts on doing our stuff!

We are encouraged to believe that things should be flawless, that imperfection is a bad thing. Imperfection is simply being human. In fact, something has to be imperfect for it to be improved. The most important thing is not whether our message or product is perfect, it is what it can achieve as it is.

If there are some glitches, improve the next version. If you forget your words during a speech or presentation, adlib and deliver your message from the heart. If you are a parent, encourage your offspring to give anything a go. If they make a mistake, praise them for trying and encourage them to keep trying. Let’s encourage the next generation that waiting to be perfect is pointless and that living is really about expressing yourself and your talents right now.

Every day the audience is ready and the lights are on, so let’s all stride out to centre stage.


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