What would you do at 30,000ft?


Love him or loathe him, Derren Brown knows how to make a good TV show. His new stunt, “Hero at 30,000 ft”, was aired last night. If you didn’t see it, Derren selects a very ordinary individual living a very uneventful life and tells him that he has been selected for a new game show. This individual is then encouraged, some might say manipulated, over the course of 30 days to take advantage of staged opportunities to make changes in his life. The climax is another staged scenario 30,000 ft up in a Boeing 737 packed with passengers – the pilot falls desperately ill and they need a volunteer to land the plane. Will average Joe, who is also petrified of flying, step up to the plate…

What the show highlights is not Derren Brown’s talents (and his obvious admiration for the film “The Game” with Michael Douglas) but the incredible power of our own mind. Yes, Derren selected an impressionable person who accepts the positive messages that are being fed to him BUT it is this individual who is taking the action and making the changes.

Through the process of feeding our subconscious new instructions, through auto-suggestion, meditation and visualisation, we have the ability to break through self-imposed limitations. Our behaviour is a collection of habits that we have developed over the course of our lives – some inherited some we have developed ourselves. With this in mind, the past doesn’t have to define us and neither does the present. All that really matters is how we want to be. The tough part, and yet arguably the most exciting, is creating new habits and taking the decisions that will make our vision a reality.

Are you ready for change?


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