Life without a Baedeker


Have you ever been travelling in a foreign country and found yourself lost in the middle of a city? With groups of strangers bustling past you, unusual aromas in the air and streets leading to unknown destinations, it can be both unsettling and exciting.

Even those of you who would find this experience unpleasant would realise that eventually the way out would be found. You can’t remain lost in a city forever. It forces you to use your wits, to trust your intuition and to seek help from those around you; even if you speak different languages.

When a friend of mine recently admitted to feeling lost in her life, it reminded me of this travelling experience. It can be very easy to panic and to feel that the situation is serious. However, if we take a breath and imagine that we have found ourselves in an unknown part of a favourite city, we can change the feelings of panic to ones of excitement and wonder. We can open ourselves to the opportunities all around us. We can ask for guidance. We can also take a path that we might never have considered before.

Sometimes a Baedeker is not required.


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