Planting the right seeds

Sowing the seed of an idea

The seed of an idea

Earl Shoaff said, “If you plant a watermelon seed, you’re not going to get grapefruit.”

Sounds pretty obvious doesn’t it! The laws of nature determine that a watermelon seed cannot become anything other than a watermelon.

We accept these rules without question and yet often, in our own lives, we believe that the laws of nature somehow don’t apply. When we are not seeing the results that we want in life, it can be very easy to say “just try harder” or “keep going and things must change”. However, if we use the watermelon analogy, if we sow the same seeds we will reap the same harvest.

Sowing different seeds doesn’t mean giving up or necessarily making a massive u-turn in life. It can be as simple as adopting a different attitude to life, refining your plan or taking a different course of action.

So, if the current seeds are not bringing you what you want in life, listen to your head and your heart and try a different packet.


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