Unsure what ‘having a positive mental attitude’ really means? Then read this…


Yesterday, I went to watch a county cricket game. During the course of the day, I spent over an hour talking to a young chap whose playing future was cut short by illness. This guy was a bright young star, whose talent was matched by his swagger but an acute infection had forced him to leave the game just as he was making his mark.

This young man, he is only in his early twenties, had been through some of the most invasive surgery you could imagine, and to make matters worse, some of these operations had not gone according to plan, leading to complications. Here was someone who really had a justification to feel bitter about life.

Did I listen to an hour of moaning? No. Was he bitter? No. Did I feel uplifted and inspired by speaking with him? YES!

He is hugely engaging, very grounded and just oozes positivity. He is also thankful for the help that he has received from everyone who is involved in his recovery. When I commented on this positive attitude towards life, he laughed and said “Everyone says that. I just think that you have to get on with life.”

He is fully committed to making a full recovery and has his sights set on a return to the game. He is far from being beaten! With that attitude towards life he will be successful in anything he puts his mind to, and I am looking forward to following his progress.

I know from now on, if I ever feel bitterness or a feeling that life is unfair, I will think of my conversation with that young man and say out loud “Charlie, just get on with life!”


4 thoughts on “Unsure what ‘having a positive mental attitude’ really means? Then read this…

  1. Peter Wright

    Great message Charlie – and these chats are never purely ‘by chance’ either are they? Thanks for sharing it! I’m reminded of Nick Vujicic here, also.

    Best wishes, Peter


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