Habit force


Have you ever reflected on how many of your actions throughout your normal day are driven by habit? If not, spend 5mins doing exactly that right now.

It can be enlightening.

Habits are essential. They are an ingenious method of the brain that allows us to free up thinking space by ‘automating’ daily tasks. If, when we opened our eyes every morning, we had to think about what to do next (I admit, some mornings do feel like this…) we would never get anything accomplished. We can shower, shave, clean our teeth and make breakfast whilst our brain is thinking about the rest of the day.

These habits also affect our thoughts. Whether we believe we can or can’t do something has already become habitual without us ever really being consciously aware of it happening.

Take an inventory of your daily habits and start to change those ones that are holding back your success.


2 thoughts on “Habit force

  1. Wow, excellent point. As I track my morning up to now (which is still very young) I’m not sure that I’ve done anything outside my daily routine. I’m going to look at this more closely. Thanks for your post.


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