She moves in mysterious ways


Being a sportsman, I sometimes use my gym sessions to experiment with the mind management techniques I often write about. I play with the content of my internal monologue to see what the effects are. For example, during the last few repetitions of a shoulder exercise I will tell myself that the weights are in fact balloons and that the hot air inside them is making them rise up. As daft as this might sound, this simple change in my self-talk enables me to add more repetitions to the usual programme.

This morning, I was feeling a little jaded after some bicep curls. Just as I was beginning my final set, the music changed and the familiar guitar riff of U2’s ‘Mysterious Ways’ blasted out over the speakers. The result was an injection of pure energy and I completed the last set as if it had been my first.

What had happened?

Had the music given me extra strength?

No, of course not. What the music successfully did was to change my emotional state. It made me feel more energetic and the result was a sensation of increased energy.

We all experience times when we feel lacking in enthusiasm and energy but it is important to realise that we could be ‘one song away’ from feeling invincible.


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