Within every disaster is the seed of an equivalent benefit


In my recent post, ‘Going the extra mile’, I highlighted how Dion Dublin’s willingness to help the TV Production teams secure interviews helped his own media career after football. In the same interview, (which can be viewed on the Mulraine Sport Video Channel), Dion also spoke about learning from experiences that, for many, would be considered disastrous.

Dion broke his leg on his Old Trafford debut, and whilst he was recovering, Sir Alex Ferguson signed a relatively unknown Frenchman called Eric Cantona. Although Dion realised that he was unlikely to play regularly in the first team again, he saw this as an opportunity to learn from the experienced players around him. He watched how they prepared for big games and how they adapted their preparation for different opposition.

He also talks about a time when he was visiting a local children’s hospital over Christmas with other Manchester United players. He noticed how Steve Bruce interacted with the children and became conscious of how every single comment was positive. He never asked the kids ‘how are you?’ but instead said things like ‘Good to see you are getting better.’

Dion absorbed these experiences and said that they contributed to how he managed his own performances as well as enabling him to positively impact the players around him.

Present circumstances can sometimes appear hopeless but if we look hard, and with an open mind and heart, we too will find the seed of an equivalent benefit.


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