Why I created My Minute Mentor


Many of the most recent postings on this blog have been about the workings of the mind and new findings from neuroscience. I felt it important to explain why these areas interest me so greatly and hence why I write about them.

As a child, I spent most of my time developing my sporting talents. When others were out having fun, depending on the season, I was either in the gym making 250 rugby passes off my right and left hands or in the nets working on my batting technique. It therefore came as no surprise to many, although I still remember theĀ feeling of almost disbelief, that I became a professional cricketer immediately after leaving school aged 18.

What becoming a professional sportsperson did was magnify the feelings of self-doubt that I had experienced throughout my life. At the time, I was unaware of what caused these feelings and, more damagingly, I had no idea how to control them. Being told to ā€˜think positivelyā€™ was of no practical help to me at all because I didnā€™t know what ā€˜thinking positivelyā€™ actually meant. My ability to score runs as a batsman therefore became entirely dependent on the frame of mind I was in at the time. Sadly, the more confident moments were rare and my professional cricket career came to an end after just 3 years.

Although I had another bite at the cherry, playing 4 years of professional rugby, these same feelings of self-doubt followed me wherever I went and even into my business career.

Some years ago now, I found myself being drawn to books that explained how the mind actually works and the relationship between our thoughts, feelings and the actions that we take. When I discovered that emotions can be managed, and in some instances manipulated to achieve positive results, it was liberating. It led me to qualify as an NLP Practitioner, to quiz leading sports psychologists and interview successful people in business and sport in order to understand how they manage their emotions in order to achieve their successes.

This continuing research has not only enabled me to finally banish my feelings of self-doubt into the past but has also defined my career direction, since I now use this information to help sportspeople and non-sportspeople break through self-imposed barriers in their life and career.

I created My Minute MentorĀ so that I couldĀ pass on this information, and to draw attention to books and people that have had a dramatic impact on my life.Ā Ā You may not always agree with my words but I want you to know that I always write from a supportive place and with a passion that every singleĀ one of us has more untapped potential than we could ever use in a lifetime.

As always, I very much appreciate the comments that I have received through this blog, as well as via email, and hope that my postings continue to sometimesĀ challenge and confirm your ways of thinking.


2 thoughts on “Why I created My Minute Mentor

  1. Peter Wright

    Hi Charlie,

    I constantly admire those who do what I do, especially those younger than me. (Which is pretty much everyone!) In particular its because they have made their discoveries in about half the time it took me.

    One of the great personal spin-offs of this line of work is that feeling of ‘forever young’. Its not just through associating with ‘the young’ as such – rather more I think its about being positive and trusting one’s intuituve unconscious knowledge. Both these strengths banish self doubt (and a load more besides) by giving us a wide range of tools to deal with it. Ergo, you could say that self doubt tends to make us old before our time?

    Its always great to share your thoughts, discoveries, opinions and observations. Keep on bloggin’!!

    Best wishes,


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