My meaning for life…


As I was puffing and panting on my bike this morning, the main thought in my mind was ‘Why am I putting myself through this?!”

This then developed into the question “Why are we here?”

Fortunately, the mental effort required to consider this last question actually took away the burning pain in my legs and lungs so I carried on thinking.

This is what I came up with…

As far as we know, the Universe is rapidly expanding. At the same time this is happening, and intrinsically linked to it, time is passing. During the course of this passing of time, we have been evolving. The simple deduction from this, is that everything in life is about growth. During the course of our own evolution, we have developed a conscious mind that compliments the primeval mind we share with many other life forms. This logical or ‘thinking’ mind allows us to make choices; if I can be very simplistic, it allows us to ‘speed up’ evolution by enabling us to make choices that will have a positive effect on ourselves and our surroundings.

So, why are we here?

My belief is that, like the Universe, our purpose is to search for further expression, to find our unique song and to sing it. To find out what makes us different, discover the ways that we can make a positive contribution to the world and to dedicate our lives to being the very best that we can in whatever we choose.

Oh, and not forgetting, to enjoy doing it!


4 thoughts on “My meaning for life…

  1. JC

    Did you find a ganja plantation while out on your bike ride this morning?! ?

    very interesting but a bit deep for a Thursday afternoon, back to searching for candidates for me!


  2. Charlie hi

    I personally fall into the ‘creationist’ camp as I feel things are just too perfect and planned to be accidental. I was thinking about this just yesterday as I drove across the Cotswolds and wondered how we could have evolved an appreciation for beauty as this offers no survival benefit?

    I still agree, though, life is given to us and we are still “empowered to to make choices that will have a positive effect on ourselves and our surroundings”.

    Keep the thoughts coming…..much appreciated.



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