Going the extra mile


This morning, I interviewed the former Premiership footballer Dion Dublin who is now a regular pundit for Sky and the BBC. Not only is he an extremely positive and inspiring individual he is someone who understands the principle of going the extra mile.

He was telling me about how his media career started. His break was not down to luck but was because of his willingness to go the extra mile. After games, presenters and journalists were always keen to interview specific players and often, in the confusion following the final whistle, these players were hard to track down. Dion made a point of finding the players required and getting them in front of the camera as well as making himself available whenever needed.

It was no surprise then, that when the media stations needed someone to step into the studio Dion received the call.

If we go the extra mile it is impossible for us not to receive our just rewards.


One thought on “Going the extra mile

  1. Peter Wright

    Nice one, Charlie.
    I guess, in media terms, this would be “paying it forward”, and for Dion this was investing some commodity precious to himself (ie his time).
    For me he’s always come across as an articulate and soft spoken guy. The interview must have been fascinating.

    Take care!


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