The solution at the other end of the problem


Many times when we are faced with a difficult problem it can appear as if there is no clear solution. As much as we break the problem down, and fight for any sign of clarity, we can still come up against a brick wall. We are then tempted to give up since there is no obvious answer.

One way of approaching it, is with the firm belief that there will be a solution.  A question can’t exist without an answer, in the same way that a room has to have an inside and an outside, for there to be hot there has to be cold and for an up there has to be a down. They are, in fact, polar opposites of the same thing.

I once heard a really simple and effective way of seeing a problem in a new light from Bob Proctor. He said, imagine that you are holding a long stick in your hand. If the problem is at one end of the stick, he said that the solution has to be at the other end.

‘Okay, how is visualising a stick going to help me?’ you may be wondering.

Well, simply by convincing your brain that an answer exists, enables it to operate at a different frequency. In other words, it releases the brakes.

As Einstein said, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the level of thinking that created them.”


2 thoughts on “The solution at the other end of the problem

  1. Jimpy

    That’s really true – I like that. It’s like the fact that a single formula to explain the Universe must exist even though we haven’t discovered it yet. Very reassuring


  2. Yes I like the stick. And you know a stick, well a branch, has lots of smaller branches up and down it and they all stop comparatively abruptly whereas right at the end of the stick past all of them is the other end of the stick.


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