Standing your ground


There are some situations when it is important to stand your ground. I had one of these experiences today.

My initial reaction was to accept what was being said to me, and yet unconsciously it felt unjust. I allowed myself some time to ‘cool off’ and then decided to explain to the person exactly how I felt face-to-face. Let’s just say that this very frank conversation didn’t resolve the matter, and yet I knew that I was being true to myself by taking this approach.

A few hours ago, I had a knock at the door.  The person concerned was very apologetic and explained that earlier events, before our conversation, had made them stressed and very irritable. We ended up having a really good chat and shook hands.

Now, I could have brushed off this earlier exchange, but I know that our relationship would  have been strained from then on. Stating my feelings was a risk but the greater damage would have been to compromise my true self. The result has been a very friendly resolution and a better relationship.


2 thoughts on “Standing your ground

  1. I need to do more of that. People usually do cool down after a while and will try to change after they’ve gotten over the initial shock of it all. I will definitely be working on becoming more assertive and standing my ground when I need to. Great post!


  2. I think the important thing to remember Valerie is that being assertive does not mean that you need to become someone else. It also doesn’t mean that you need to be rude. Being assertive is really about listening to your conscience and honouring what it is telling you. It is the other person’s responsibility to react in the way they see fit. Sometimes voicing your feelings will open new possiblities and a deeper respect and honesty in relationships.


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