Closed minds


Last night, I watched Mary Queen of Shops on TV – for those of you who live on foreign soil, I’ll explain what this programme is all about.

Mary Portas is a leading Retail Marketing Consultant. In her show, she is parachuted into failing businesses with the sole purpose of using her experience, creativity and steely persona to rejuvenate the balance sheets and the people running them. She has energy, passion and a lot of common sense.

Sadly, she is faced with many businesses owners who seem to lack all of these qualities.

Last night, she was breathing life into a local hardware store. What was most uplifting to witness was the effect she was having on the staff. Over the course of the programme, you could see these people change in front of your eyes. They gained confidence, their energy levels soared and they even developed a new passion for DIY!

But there was one person who seemed to be impervious to Mary’s infectious enthusiasm and that person was the owner. This man was defeated before he even opened his mouth. His business was failing and yet he dismissed virtually every single new idea that was proposed because ‘he knew that it wouldn’t work’.

With a closed mind nothing new will work. A closed mind blocks creativity and fears anything that challenges the status quo.

Change is inevitable and so open up the gates and let the new ideas flood in.


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