Filling in the gaps


This morning, I met up with my mentor for her guidance on a new programme I am creating. She is an extremely experienced business woman whilst also being very spiritual. During the course of the conversation, I suddenly realised how little I know in certain areas and this realisation was unsettling.

It can be an uncomfortable feeling, (a dig at your ego), to notice the gaps in your knowledge or understanding, and many years ago my natural reaction would have been to protect myself by withdrawing.

A withdrawal may avoid some pain but ultimately we miss out on the opportunity to learn and develop. The irony is that my mentor goes through the same process when she consults her mentor.

Every day, we are all discovering gaps in our knowledge, so we may as well find the people who can help us fill them.

Here’s the deal though – Once the gap has been filled a new one will appear!


2 thoughts on “Filling in the gaps

  1. Peter Wright

    This is so true Charlie – and you, like me, know that the more we open up to new possibilities and welcome them as discoveries rather than just tell-tale gaps in our knowledge base, the more that base just grows and grows.
    Years ago (30 actually) I had what I thought at the time was a really good and broad knowledge of classical music. So I started my own specialist record business. Within a few weeks I realised that my knowledge was about 30% (at best) extensive, and I began to learn and make new discoveries from my customers – talking to them, hearing their views, likes and dislikes, picking the brains of THEIR knowledge. Without thinking it I just opened my mind.

    Best wishes as always!


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