Clearing the nettles in your mind


This afternoon I spent a few hours clearing nettles and weeds from my grandparents’ garden. It is staggering how quickly these take hold and how they choke anything and everything in their path.

As I was sweating and grunting with the effort, I thought how similar the garden was to our own minds. In the same way that we select and plant seeds, we have the choice as to what thoughts to plant in our minds; beneficial ones or alternatively ones that sabotage our progress in life.

If we don’t take the time to regularly clear out these destructive thoughts, like the nettles in my grandparents’ garden, these too will choke our ambition and limit the life that we were born to lead.


4 thoughts on “Clearing the nettles in your mind

  1. Thank you Brit. As many wise people have concluded ‘we become what we think about’.

    It can be very easy to believe that our lives are shaped by external forces (economy, opportunity, location). Yes, these will have an influence on our lives but the most creative force we possess is actually one that we have complete control over – our ability to think.


    • Like I have said a couple of times in articles I’ve written, I believe, without doubt, that the human brain is the most powerful think on Earth.

      There’s no doubt that it is shaped by external forces though. Whilst we alone have the capacity to think, inevitably the most influencial parts of our development are location, upbringing, money and religion. But of course, we can all change, and become independant to ourselves.

      Anyhoo, a lovely article, I appreciated it.


  2. Keith

    What you sow… so shall you reap. Excellent post.

    Our mind is the garden of fresh, bountiful soil that will produce whatever we plant in it.


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