The success within every failure


Failure is only able to wield any power when we accept it as an end point – the time when we pack up our dreams and goals because we have convinced ourselves that they are ‘unrealistic’.

Failure is just a word, one we have invented to describe a situation when we experience a level of resistance. If we get caught in a traffic jam or we get a puncture, we don’t normally class that as a failure? We would look at a map and adjust the route or stop the car and change the tyre.

A failure isn’t a failure until we accept it as such. In truth, failure is a helpful guide that tests the strength of our desire and enables us to get back on track.


2 thoughts on “The success within every failure

  1. So true. For me, I always thank my ‘failure’ because it’s alerted me that I’m off course, not in alignment with my higher purpose – it redirects me and helps me take stock of what I need to add/subtract from my life.
    Love your posts!!


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