Within every weakness there is a strength


When we are having a conversation with someone, or even worse a job interview, it is human nature to want to hide our weaknesses. Have you done this? I know I have. We don’t wish for others to see our imperfections.

The trouble with this is that the logic is skewed.

The more you try and hide something the more obvious it is to the other person. We don’t hide things we are proud of and therefore the very fact that you are concealing something makes people suspicious. If you ever watch Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight, you will notice that he only really becomes the Rottweiler when MPs dodge his questions; which, I admit, is virtually every interview.

So what do we do?

Shine a light on them! Flip them round!

If your qualifications aren’t great, prove how these have made you even more determined to achieve what you have already. If you feel insecure about being older than the other candidates, demonstrate how this maturity brings a greater awareness of yourself and others. If you made a mistake, prove how the experience made you stronger and wiser.

Perfection, if such a thing exists, is actually the perfect balance between perfection and imperfection.

We all need a bit of imperfection in our lives…so…CELEBRATE it…LEARN from it…and become a bigger, better and more likeable person for doing so.


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