Why are Manhole Covers Round?


This may be a strange question to pose on a Tuesday morning. In fact, it is probably a strange question to pose at any time of any day.

For any of you who have interviewed with Microsoft, you may have been posed this very question. If you carry out an Internet search, you will see many posts commenting  on whether it was an official Microsoft question or not. Perhaps, the Internet was light on news in the early days…

This morning’s reference has nothing to do with Microsoft but everything to do with the launch of my new Interview Success Guide called…yes, you’ve guessed it…”Why are Manhole Covers Round?”

Inspired by Seth Godin, who uses the challenge “What have you shipped?” in his blog posts, it was time to put my words into action and ‘put something out there’.

“Why are Manhole Covers Round?” describes the whole jobseeking process in bite-size pieces, making it simple and very practical to follow.

  • – It includes exercises that give you clarity on what you want as well as helping you to link your career with your passions.
  • – Enables you to create compelling CVs/Resumes and Covering Letters that demand attention.
  • – Allows you to build rapport with any interviewer so that you become a job offer magnet!

If you are a first-time jobseeker, someone looking to change career direction or someone whose last interview was before the days of colour TV then ‘WAMCR’ will definitely help you to improve your confidence and your chances of landing your dream job.

It is out on Amazon and you can access it through my book blog Why are Manhole Covers Round?

I would really appreciate it if those who read the book post a review on amazon or contribute comments to the Why are Manhole Covers Round? blog.

As a thank you, if you post the best/funniest book review on Amazon or the WAMCR? blog, I will provide you with a FREE review of your CV/Resume. The winner will be chosen after 31st July.

So…why are manhole covers round?


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