Embracing criticism


Criticism is one of the human fears. For many of us, it is almost as if we have been programmed to view criticism as an evil that must be avoided at all costs. Perhaps because it makes us feel like children again; as if we are back wearing short trousers and having our opinions picked to pieces by the school master.

The truth is that criticism is proof of action. If you are receiving criticism it means that you are actually DOING something that warrants comment. Maybe even something that is out of the ordinary, that challenges the status quo, that shakes people’s beliefs.

I say embrace it. Learn from it. And never automatically believe it.

Criticism is merely another’s point of view and has rarely changed the world.

What does the world? That’s right, usually the idea that is ruffling all those feathers…


2 thoughts on “Embracing criticism

  1. How true. My blog has had so many critics and outright ‘haters’, simply because I’m writing about something from a new point of view. I welcome the comments because it means I have made someone feel something, I have made them think, and they will remember, what I have said, even if they disagree. They may even repeat it to someone else in outrage, but all that does is proliferate my message, which is what I really want!


  2. Thanks for your comment Di. I think that if you do anything from the heart there will always be criticism. The heart is passionate, it has a view, it doesn’t sit on the fence. The choice is quite simple – always try to please everyone and end up pleasing nobody or follow your instincts and attract people who want to contribute. All the best Charlie


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