The place where you find all the answers


When and where do you get your best inspiration? Is it when you are in the bath? Taking the dog for a walk? Lying in bed at night? Do you have a quiet place in the house (hopefully not that place!) that you like to disappear to and gather your thoughts?

Finding time away from our hectic lifestyles is essential. Our minds need this time to pause, reflect and more importantly to allow for inspiration.

It is no surprise at all, that many of the most successful people of our time attributed much of their success to doing exactly that. The inventor of the first incandescent light bulb, Thomas Edison, used to schedule in time during his day specifically to refresh and awaken his creativity. In fact, he attributed the idea behind his invention of the phonograph to an inspired idea that came from one of these sessions.

‘But there isn’t enough time in the day!’ You and I might exclaim.

Yes, we are all limited by only having 24 hours each day but how we use this time is down to us.

Create a new habit right now. Find your quiet place and see what inspiration comes to you. You never know, you might just come up with an idea that provides you with all the free time you’ve ever wanted…


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