From violent change, a new opportunity


“Every time our planet experiences violent change, a new opportunity for life opens up.”

These are the words of Michael Mosley in his new series on BBC 4, called The Story of Science. Michael explains how science has proved that our destiny is intrinsically linked to the development of the planet we live on. Without the violence of volcanoes and the catastrophic impact of meteors, episodes that caused the downfall of many species before us, the human race would quite possibly not be here today.

In nature, it is as if creation and destruction are almost one and the same thing – one cannot function without the other.

In our own lives, it can be a challenge to think in this way but we too are governed by these same laws of physics.

For some time, I was intrigued how certain people never seem to let bad situations get them down. Perhaps, it is because they realise that something good has to come out of something bad.

They know that’s simply the law…


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