Suspending the ‘How?’


When you come up with a really good idea (no time for modesty now), what normally prevents you from following through with it? Is it when you, or someone else, asks you ‘How?’

How is one of the most powerful words in our vocabulary. Your future, and if your idea is really good, the future of our world could be resting on the way you respond to that word how.

There are 2 options: a) to think of all the reasons why you are not the right person to handle this big idea or b) to say to yourself that the idea popping into your head makes you the only person to breathe life into it.

Two simple choices and the clock is ticking…what do you want to be remembered for?


2 thoughts on “Suspending the ‘How?’

  1. Peter Wright

    Hi Charlie,

    Two things inspire here in particular – one is the actual “in-spire” phrase where ideas come to life by breathing life into them. The other is where I’ve connected your ‘clock is ticking’ reference with something I read elsewhere about the Opportunity Clock.

    Connections are everywhere for all of us – and the more alive we are to them the more they become opportunities. And the more we can facilitate connections for others the more doors open up for us as well.

    Hope you are well!
    Best wishes,


  2. Thanks Peter. We also need to discipline our brain to think first of why we CAN do something. Or at the very least, to STOP the thoughts of ‘how it’s not possible’ and immediately replace them with thoughts of ‘how it HAS to be possible’.
    Charlie MMM


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