The magic of a letter


The question of whether technology has improved or harmed our ability to communicate is an interesting one. It has certainly improved the ease but I would argue certainly not the quality. Ironically, many of the ways of communicating, such as email and SMS, encourage one of our worst vices – laziness! How many of us have sent a text or an email to avoid giving a client difficult news or simply to avoid having a conversation with a particular person? Ahem…

And yet, I am sure that the majority of us would prefer to receive a handwritten letter from someone special to us over an email or a phone call instead of a text.

When was the last time your wrote a traditional letter? Is your handwriting legible anymore?

My brother sends postcards after a day trip in the UK. Do I feel a childlike excitement when I see them in my post box? I have to admit yes!

Let’s take 30mins today and switch off our computers, blackberrys and iphones and reach for the writing paper.

Now…where on earth did I put it…?


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