How do you define yourself?


Working with professional sportspeople nearing retirement this is a very important question that I always ask. For many elite athletes, sport has been their only career, which can make career transition an extremely challenging process. How can you translate a career spent in one discipline in a way that is relevant to the commercial world?

This is the same challenge faced by all those seeking a change or shift in their career focus.

It begs the question ‘Am I only defined by my past?’

My firm belief is that it is not what we do but how we do it that truly defines us. You are not a professional sportsperson. You are someone who has demonstrated the necessary skills in a particular way that has enabled you to become a professional sportsperson.

The important thing is to think about how you demonstrate your skills. How do you use them differently to others? How can they translate into a different discipline? In what way will they benefit different employers and different customers?

It is not our past that defines us but our ability to adapt our past experiences in order to create a new and compelling future.


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