Diplomacy and Will


If anything has been demonstrated by the recent UK Coalition Government, it is the power of diplomacy and political will. Who would have believed, after watching both Cameron and Clegg sparring in the recent leaders’ debates, that they would be standing side by side to deliver a joint press conference in the garden of No.10 Downing Street.

Seeing them together and listening to their words, unashamedly I felt myself feeling both excitement and hope. If two leaders from opposing political parties have the will and the imagination to change the face of our politics in a matter of days, then just think what you and I can achieve in our lives? All that is required is imagination, definiteness of purpose and the will to make it happen.

It is very easy to say that it won’t work, and I am sure that there are many who think in this way. It is far braver however, and more forward thinking to say ‘let’s give them every chance.’

We live in a World that is made up of beliefs and values that cover the complete spectrum from liberalism to extremism. And yet we sometimes forget that we are all connected in the common struggle and magic that is called life. We all have one common purpose.

I agree with you Nick and Dave.


2 thoughts on “Diplomacy and Will

  1. Peter Wright

    Couldn’t agree with you more, Charlie. Yes the challenges are tough but there is a real level of excitement as all the new ministers tackle their jobs with the enthusiasm those jobs deserve.

    The job of the press and media now of course (as purveyors of gloom, misery, controversy and disagreement) is to show all the dark sentiments pointed towards the coalition, all the pre-coalition opinions they had of each other, interview those who feel betrayed – and to what end, for what purpose? Merely to raise their own profile “in the public interest”, because we (the public) want, nay demand, to know all these things.

    Fortunately there is more to life than the jaundiced view from the journalistic and media boundary.


  2. You are right Peter – there will be plenty of people (not only the media) who will be looking for any sign that the partnership is breaking down. There will be huge challenges ahead and disagreements will be inevitable – think of any touring sporting team where you bring different nations together and there will often be some slight friction. You always find what you are looking for and therefore I would always prefer to look for the good.


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