Avoid the ‘fun crushers’


Last week, I went to visit someone I know very well. This is someone I respect in many ways and yet it is his approach to life that I find rather bewildering. He has mastered the art of finding difficulties in every situation and is the epitome of glass half empty. The irony is that he appears to take great enjoyment in thinking in this way.

‘As long as he is happy, what does it matter?’ You might ask.

The thing is that none of us live in isolation. Our actions, and especially the way that we express our way of thinking, affect those around us. Somebody once told me a fitting description for those people that have a more pessimistic nature, ‘fun crushers’.

If we let them, they can drain our optimism, our zest for life and our ambition in a matter of minutes. So let’s not let them! They have no hold over us unless we give them that power. We are masters of our own minds and it is our responsibility to feed ourselves with thoughts, images and company that inspires us to even greater things.

Winston Churchill said something that would be wise to commit to memory,

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”


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