Power and the Tipping Point


My original topic for today has been superseded by the current party leader negotiations or horse-trading, as it has been described in the news. This is not a political posting in favour of any party but a comment on politics as a whole and on the seductiveness of what all politicians seek…Power.

There is a feeling of frustration as we once more hear of rumours being propagated in dark corridors by the usual Machiavellian characters and decisions that affect our future being taken behind locked doors instead of being in full view of the people who really matter…you and me…the voting public.

There are many voices talking about making decisions that are in our best interest and yet the manner in which these decisions are being taken is highly questionable. This is hardly an advert for the benefits of Democracy.

And what is at its core? POWER.

A politician is impotent without it. But like all things in life, power has a light and a dark side. Power can be used to achieve good in the world, and yet there is a point when this thirst for power becomes greater than the result originally desired. When this point is reached power corrupts.

Everything in this Universe relies on balance. Seasons change, tides go in and out and there is both order and chaos. And we have a conscious mind that enables us to think and more importantly to be aware of when the balance is  tipping too far the other way.


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