What is talent?


The dictionary definition is this: “Special ability…aptitude…natural ability…a capacity for achievement or success.”

The issue I have with this description is that it implies that some people have it and some don’t. If you fall into the latter category all you can hope for is to be the best you can and that may only be average.

Talent doesn’t have to be so specific.

Let’s pick up on one of the other words used in this description and that is “natural”. My belief is that not only do we ALL have talent it is often the things that come naturally to us that we tend to overlook and attach limited significance to. Things like having a natural empathy for people and situations, being a great listener, having a reliable instinct or being able to connect with people.

We may only see these as nice personality traits or you could take a different view that these are your talents that deserve to be nurtured and expressed.

They could also be the secret to your success…


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