Look through someone else’s eyes


On the radio this week there was a discussion involving 2 child psychologists. One of the topics was the notion of evil and whether it is something that is genetic or a by product of our environment. Both experts were in agreement that it is down to environment. Furthermore, they were both fearful for a society growing up with a complete lack of empathy.

Empathy is the capability to share another’s emotions and feelings. It has been instrumental in our evolution. It has been at the core of our communities. It is a sign of strength and not weakness. It isn’t something we should switch on and off when it suits us. We should open ourselves up to empathy every day.

How do we do it?  Through our senses – by seeing, feeling and listening – and by acknowledging that we are not the centre of the Universe, we share our lives with others.

Let’s look up from our newspapers and books, open our eyes and be prepared to see the world through another’s eyes.


3 thoughts on “Look through someone else’s eyes

  1. Sarah Alice Kelley

    This has always been my biggest pet peeve. “All I want is for you to put yourself in my shoes,” I would always say to whoever was being meant o me at the time. (Usually an ex boyfriend) I don’t think it’s much to ask. But I see this world (primarily in the states) has turned extremely ego-centric. Looking out for the self as some call it. Never realizing that what we say and do has a lasting effect on those around us.

    I’m with you. I will look up.



  2. Good to have you onboard Sarah. It is still possible to be focused on one’s own goals and still be able to have your eyes open to what is happening around you. It is no accident that all great people have great teams around them.


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