Everything just ‘is’


One way of reflecting on the actions of the Universe is that everything just ‘is’.

What I mean by that is that actions and experiences are not directed at us either to reward us or to punish us. Everything just ‘is’ according to nature’s laws.

The main purpose of the Universe is creation and with the emotion of love we are able to contribute to this creation; if the purpose were only destruction there would be no rebirth. With creation comes inevitable change and the movement from one state to another. We readily accept that autumn follows summer, that seeds turn into trees and that fruit rots after it has ripened. Sometimes we are not so keen to accept the change that affects our own existence.

Our gift of reason is partly to blame, since for all its advantages it has also enabled us to pass judgement. We are able to determine whether things are bad or whether they are good, and this realisation can shape our lives for the better or for the worse.

If we can strive to accept that everything just ‘is’, we can allow ourselves to follow the flow of our inner truth; a truth that connects us all.


2 thoughts on “Everything just ‘is’

  1. Pete

    Love those thoughts

    We cannot help reacting “in the moment” when we feel someone has acted negatively towards us. What is critical however, is what we do next.

    Do we hold on to those negative thoughts and emotions and start to build up a bank of antipathy towards those people/organisations because we think they “have it in for us”?

    Or do we accept the reality, that it is actually very rarely that anyone sets out to put us down? Most of the time individual or organisations actions towards us are driven by a myriad of other forces that we cannot see or comprehend, we just feel the net result of all of those actions and can take it “personally”

    If we always form a fixed view of people based purely on our brief interactions with them, we run the risk of alienating people or preventing potentially beneficial relationships to develop.


  2. That’s very true Pete. We don’t have the power to look into people’s souls and therefore we cannot always understand the motivation behind their actions.

    Marcus Aurelius writes about this in his philosophical work ‘Meditations’. He argues that since judgements are only made in our minds, and not in the realty of nature, if we are able to dismiss the thinking that has created the judgement the judgement no longer exists.

    We have the power to create our own reality through the quality of our own thinking.


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