Know what you want and Believe you can get it!


When we are desperate for a lucky break, it can appear that the whole world is conspiring against us. The truth is that the world has more important things to worry about than our minor gripes – really important things like its own survival!

So what can we do to help opportunities come our way?

For starters, we can adopt an attitude of expectation and specifically an expectation that good things will happen. This takes a real strength of will, especially if we can’t see any obvious signs that change is in the air. It requires a level of persistence that borders on the obsessive.

I met with a man yesterday who once received 110 rejection letters in response to his first job applications. To rub salt into the wound, he invested in his education only to receive a further 110 rejection letters.

‘Did this break him?’ you might ask.

No, is the simple answer. He became MD of one of the world’s most respected advertising companies, has worked with one of the top consulting firms and is currently enjoying life as a Chairman and Chief Executive of one of the UK’s leading communications companies.

He summed it up like this “You have got to know what you want…go after it…and believe you can get it!’


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