Be the artist of your life


This morning I had a meeting with Denys Shortt, Chairman and CEO of DCS Europe and one the UK’s top entrepreneurs. Since he is also a former international hockey player (naturally!), he very kindly agreed for me to film him passing on his wisdom to help professional sportspeople find success in their lives after sport.

After the interview, he asked me a question “What is your business model?”

What followed was an invaluable 2 hours of interrogation, inspiration and frantic note taking. Clearly a very visual person, Denys created flow diagrams, charts and business models to illustrate all of his suggestions and these are all in front of me to take action on.

The experience highlighted many things, one of them being that business is a process and the art is finding the right process for your service/product, and the other is the power of taking ideas from your mind to the page. From now on, whenever I have  a time when my ideas seem muddled in my head I will arm myself with a black marker and attack the flip chart with gusto!

I didn’t ask Denys about his artistic ability but I wouldn’t be too surprised if he paints portaits as well…


One thought on “Be the artist of your life

  1. You can’t beat getting a pen out. It come relatively easy enough to me because I’m a creative, but I’ve been more switched onto it since I started working more closely with my business partner. He uses a pen and whatever paper is on front of him as naturally as weather reporters use their hands. It’s emotive and it’s also magnetic, so often a lose scribble can be more effective to take away from a meeting than more detailed notes. In a similar vane clients often respond to creative concepts better when in rough ‘scamp’ form. It makes the imagination work harder whilst speaking a more accessible language.

    Anyway, love the post and keep them up. Sorry I cant respond as often as I’d like but I read every one of them. Best – Dave


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