The wisdom of dogs


Every morning at about 7.30am, I take my dog out for a walk. We follow the same routine, crossing the road, through the gate, alongside the church, under the arch of silver birches, past the daffodills and down to the river and the weir break.

Usually, I get lost in my thoughts and return back to my house before I know it. This time, I decided to watch her closely.

She bounced down the path with her tail held high and her nose sniffing the air excitedly. She explored rabbit burrows, chased the ducks and acted so inquisitively that you would have thought that she had stumbled upon a brand new world. The truth is that she has walked the same route 913 times.

How many times do we walk the same route, carry out the same actions and end up missing the magic of life around us? We could learn a thing or two from our four legged friends I feel…


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