What lies beneath


Having recently completed the NLP Practitioner training for sport, with Inside Performance, I am now more acutely aware of how appearances can be deceiving. Peoples’ actions, as well as our own, are often driven by motivations that are not immediately obvious.

It reminded me of the recent episode of Invisible Worlds, presented by Top Gear’s Richard Hammond.

It focused on the fact that our eyes block out certain types of light, ultraviolet for example, and therefore our vision of the world is not the complete picture. A bee hive is a mass of movement, except in the middle of the hive where certain bees appear to be extremely lazy. However, when seen through an thermal imaging camera, these bees were glowing with heat. These laxidasical bees were vibrating their flight muscles in order to generate heat (so extreme that the temperature should have killed them) to warm the larva. Their role was instrumental to the survival of the hive.

All members have a role to play in a team, and it is not aways the most vocal ones that make the biggest difference.


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